Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going to bed

The week before Thanksgiving we put the rig to bed for the winter.  Jim took it to Camping World where they blew air into the water pipes to get the water out, put in anti freeze, and then drained most of the anti freeze.  Any water that’s left has anti freeze in it and supposedly won’t freeze when the temps get low.   Then, Jim and I put a cover on the rig, which was kind of akin to putting a thin cozy on a huge toaster. It was a good thing we did all this, because the following Tuesday while Jim and I were in Ohio celebrating T-Day week with family, SLC got about a foot of snow ... and it stayed very, very cold for two weeks.  Jim is thinking that every few weeks he wants to start up the rig, run the generator, and try everything out just to make sure it’s all running and he did that last week.  Other than part of the cover ripping, so far so good.

      Top photo:  Jim and the back of the rig.  
       Bottom photo:  Jim and the front of the rig

          What we came home to after Thanksgiving in the balmy midwest.