Friday, August 17, 2012

Possible TMI in this post

I color my hair.  That’s no surprise to anyone who knows me, since about every four weeks a different color covers my head. 
While I can apply hair color in our rig's small bathroom, I can’t rinse it off without making a mess.  So I check out RV park restrooms for one where I can easily clean the shower stall afterwards.  At a recent Nice 'n Easy time, a state park's showers -- with ceramic walls, ceramic floors and toilet-stall-like doors -- were perfect.

I really don’t want anyone to see me with goop in my hair.  So I applied the hair color, waited the requisite time, then literally ran to the restroom.  A separate handicapped restroom was blocked off for cleaning; oh no, were the regular showers closed, too?  Nope, I was in luck, and ducked into the closest empty stall.  Victory!  One of the other showers was being used, but I’d made it in without a face-to-face encounter.

I rinsed out the color, and was enjoying the warm water when I had a thought: OMG.  Am I in the men’s shower?  I came in the building on the side closer to where our rig was parked, and isn’t that where the men’s shower is?  OMG-OMG!!   Except for lime green shower flip flops, I’m totally naked in the men’s room.

My shower-room partner finally left (question: do all guys brush their teeth while showering?) but before I could get dressed, someone else came in.  At that point, I’m thinking maybe I’m mistaken and I’m really in the women’s room.  Then I hear a voice:  “Grandpa, Mommy says I should wear shoes when I take a shower.”  OMG.  It’s a kid.  With his Grandfather. (And a crazy mother who never lets him take his shoes off.)  I’m going to get caught and arrested as a sex offender.  My image, wet and disheveled (but at least without gray roots) will be on the internet when you type in my home ZIP Code and the words “offender search.”  

Grandpa and Grandson discuss who will take a shower first.  I’m hoping no matter who goes when, both will soon be behind a closed shower door.  My large gray hoodie will be good for the getaway.  My pants, not so good:  orange pajama bottoms embellished with pink bunny rabbits.  Plus, there are those lime green flip flops.

I quickly dry off, hear water start up next door, throw on my clothes, tuck my hair under the hoodie and run. @#$%!.  I forgot my cosmetic bag with my Venus shaver and a few other obviously female-type items.  It’s a quick run back, a quick grab of the bag, and I’m out.

Jim said this post is too long with unnecessary details.  He suggested I just write “I went in the men’s room by mistake and got naked.  The end.”  He also said from now to take my phone with me when I go to the shower.  So I can call for an escort out of the building? 


  1. For once Bev, there is nothing I could possibly add.

  2. Oh Bev! You made my day...i still have laugh tears on my cheeks!

  3. Hi you two. I've been out of internet range for about a week or I would have said hello earlier. The fact that Carl didn't add six or seven paragraphs is not a good sign. But I laughed at what he said.