Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Enjoying the Desert Breeze

We're in Yuma.  Got here last Friday. So I have some catching up to do, blog-wise, as we made five stops before we got here.  

We are at the Desert Breeze RV Camp at the Yuma Proving Ground, about 25 miles north of downtown Yuma. Desert Breeze has 109 camping spots and you need to get here by Thanksgiving if you want to hunker down here for the winter, as many of the same folks come here year after year and stay five to six months. It's all first come/first served. It's also unlikely that you can drop by in January and find a vacant site.

This is our fourth partial winter at Desert Breeze. I doubt we'll be here all winter this year, either. But we're here for now and in our Yuma Proving Ground routine of going to the base's very nice gym every day. I've also started taking a stretching class and a walking/step class taught by fellow Rvers. The stretching class was tougher than I imagined it would be -- after all, it's just "Silver Sneakers" stuff, right? I could barely get off the couch afterwards, but was OK the next day.

We've been to our favorite downtown Yuma restaurant, the Pint House. We twice watched military parachute jumpers (YPG is home of a military free-fall school.) float to a very nearby park called Cox Field  Since this is our first time here with two dogs, we've taken lots of walks, learned that the base has two good off-leash parks, and visited a great downtown Yuma off-leash park called the "Bark Park." We've searched Yuma to no avail for a "Hatchimal," this Christmas's hot toy, for our seven-year-old grand daughter. 

And it's 70 degrees and sunny outside.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Over the weekend we had a bit of rain and a huge rainbow inYuma.  A double rainbow, in fact, although this photo doesn't show the double.  From the number of Seahawk flags, we have a fair amount of Washingtonians at the RV park.  There are also Gadsen (Don't Tread on Me) flags and even a Confederate one.  Since this is a military base and those living at the base RV park are military retirees, active military or DOD contracts  I'm assuming the flyer of the Confederate flag is extremely old. 
Happy Thanksgiving to Bev's family of origin and their spouses.  From left to right:  Me, Jim, younger brother Don, Mom, older brother Bob, Don's wife Trudy, Bob's wife Suzie.  Suzie is holding Elroy, her latest poodle puppy champion.  Happy Thanksgiving to all the kids/grandkids/great grandkids too:  Season, Lee, Ashley, Shad, Brooke, Ben, Jill, Paul, Toby, Mia, Marshall, Owen and Connor. We love you. Happy T-Day to Jim's sister Cathy and family, too!