Sunday, September 25, 2016

She said she broke her wing

We spent four days in Yakima, Washington, and camped at Sportsman State Park close to Yakima's downtown. Like I said in our last post, part of the trip was to attend Jim's 50th high school reunion.  We also wanted to spend time with Jim's high school friends, Pat and Cindy. And we did.  But not as much time as we'd hoped because Cindy broke her arm just days before we arrived when she tripped on her flip flop sandal while taking a walk. Ouch.

Despite Cindy's badly broken arm and upcoming surgery to repair it, she and Pat hosted us at their place twice. What a super trooper Cindy is.  

Mend fast, Cindy. And thanks to you and Pat for your hospitality. 
A photo of Cindy, Jim and Pat taken on a previous trip to Yakima and to Bale Breaker Brewing Company.  We had plans to go to Bale Breaker again. But instead there was an arm breaker. We'll make it there another time.

I have no idea if these are edible or poisonous mushrooms  -- but if you know they are edible and you like mushrooms you should head on over to Sportsman State Park in Yakima.  The fungi are huge (the size of my outstretched hand) and all over the place.
Jim walking the dogs on Yakima's Greenway, which includes a trail along the Yakima and Naches Rivers.

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