Friday, September 12, 2014

Salt Creek Recreation Area near Port Angeles, WA

We've been staying at Salt Creek Recreation Area between the towns of Port Angeles, Washington, and Joyce, Washington, on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula. It's a 196-acre park with beautiful views. 

We took shady hikes, explored tide pools, and every evening watched deer grazing near the RV sites. Per certificates posted near the check-in area, a local newspaper proclaimed the park "Best place for a weekend getaway," "Best place to watch the sun set," and "Best county campground."  We thought the park should also win "Best view from an RV dump site" because it's not often you get to look at a huge strait with snow capped mountains in the background as you empty your black tank. I tried to take a photo but it just didn't do it justice.

A view on a hike at Salt Creek Recreation Area.
Salt Creek Recreation Area used to be Camp Hayden, a World War II military camp whose purpose was to protect the Strait of Juan de Fuca from hostile ships.  This is Jim standing under one of two abandoned gun batteries. 
Jim at a bed of washed ashore bull kelp. A Puget Sound Department of Ecology website I looked at said it's the fastest growing seaweed in the world and can get as long as 200 feet. When the bulb end floats along in the water it looks like a seal sticking its nose into the air. 
Bev near a tiny island.
Jim following a "you really are allowed to walk here" road less traveled.
A group of 28 artists spent a week at places near Port Angeles  creating one painting a day.  The project was called "Paint the Peninsula" and the results were on sale at the local fine arts center. The artist above was at Salt Creek.


  1. As always beautiful pictures. Perhaps you could begin a series of photos "the dump sites we've visited". If I recall you posted a picture a few years back where you took your mother (who must be one of country's best sports) to a dump site near her home. It is unfortunate that not one of the 28 artist chose to set up at the dump station, another example of lost opportunity in the American Art Experiance.

    1. That photo of my Mom is one of my favorites. You're right, she is a good sport. (And Go Buckeyes. Way to beat those Golden Flashes.)