Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First real trip of the year

The wet, cold weather finally abated so last weekend we took the rig somewhere other than our street for the first time this year: Diamond Fork Campground, just an hour and 15 minutes southeast of Salt Lake.  It’s easy to get to – for anyone familiar with Route 6 and the path to Moab, the turnoff for the campground is just 2 ½ miles past the big wind turbines in Spanish Fork Canyon. (Those things creep me out up close.)
It was a well maintained campground, clean, and with a great kid's hiking path (OK for adults, too) with educational/interpretive signs.  Our site was A1 (Note to self: A12 also looked good) so we were near the entrance, but it was quiet and away from some of the more crowded sites in the middle. 
Our camping spot
View out the back window at dusk.

Right after arrival we hiked a trail we'd read was very popular called Three Forks. It’s popular because after about two miles you come to some hot pots.  It was a little too warm for us to hop in the hot pots, but what a beautiful hike along the really fast flowing Diamond Fork River with lots of shade.  Only thing wrong was that I forgot my camera, so I couldn’t get a photo of the small Niagara Falls near the hot pots.
Next day we drove further up Diamond Fork Canyon and hiked Sawmill Trail.  Again, beautiful, and this time we got some photos.
Jim and a bear climbing a tree.

Sawmill Trail.