Saturday, May 25, 2019

The Times They Are A Changin'

It's way past time for me to catch myself up on what we’ve been doing since our last post.  

In December, we left our rig at our campsite in Tucson and drove the tow car back to our sticks and bricks home in Salt Lake for the holidays.  Then we went on a Disney Cruise with our SLC daughter and fam. I had a great time but Jim came down with a bad cold that lingered for two months. Disney pulls out all the stops. And Jim was in our room on the ship for most of them. 

We disembarked in San Juan, PR where our Oregon daughter and family met up with us.  San Juan is beautiful, and it was so nice to get both daughters and their families together.

Late on January 20 we got back to Salt Lake.  That night about 18 inches of snow fell. Snow is beautiful when you don’t have to go out in it -- but we had to go out to pick up the dogs from boarding. When we got home, I started googling “condos for sale Tucson.”  Gee, I thought, maybe we could actually afford one.

As much as we’ve had a magical time in the RV, our 26 1/2 foot motor home seems to be shrinking. Adding two young dogs to the mix didn't help.  Nor did the fact that Tucson had a chilly (well, chilly by southern AZ standards) winter that kept us inside the rig than we wanted to be. And honestly, while there are plenty of places I’d still like to visit, I don't especially want to see them via the RV. 

So --- we drove back to Tucson in our tow car the end of January. Super Bowl Sunday we went to a few condo open houses, saw one we liked, called a realtor, saw a few more, and by the end of the week we’d made an offer. On April 5 we got the keys to a small but lovely condo not far from Tucson’s Sabino Canyon. 

Will we sell the motor home?  I say yes. Jim is on the fence -- he said he always thought of the RV as his getaway vehicle if things went south with us. I think that's a joke.  But, yes, we probably will sell.  If you know anyone looking for a well-loved, well-maintained motor home that could tell some great stories, let us know.
The Fam (minus Paul, Kat and a lot of animals) at Fort San Cristobal in the old town section of San Juan, PR.
Snowman leftovers after a big storm hit Tucson just after President's Day weekend. That's the Davis Monthan "boneyard" in the rear -- where old airplanes are stored on the air force base.
Bev went back to Ohio to visit her Mom the end of February.  She took this  photo at the local grocery store where an Amish buggy was apparently properly returned.
We went to the air show held March 23/24 at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson.
Daughter Ashley and kids visited us in Tucson at the end of March.  The grandkids (above) called Tucson "The Tucs," and gave it two thumbs up. We took the tram up Sabino Canyon, hiked, and visited the Desert Museum. They stayed at base housing and had a great room -- it was huge with a full kitchen and two bedrooms.   Our friends John and Deb from Salt Lake visited as well.
By the time we left Tucson at the end of April, many cacti were in full bloom.
Our rig next to a blooming ocotillo at Davis Monthan Air Force Base.

Our Tucson condo. 
Son Paul, girlfriend Kat, and their 7-month-old pup Ro took a road trip from CA to UT in May.