Thursday, May 17, 2012


We got back to Salt Lake City April 12, traveling in the worst weather (while driving) we’ve had since our trip began in August 2011 -- a down pour on the freeway getting in to SLC.  Jim is a great driver, but I was totally scared to be going freeway speeds with heavy traffic and limited visibility.  Which is why it works out well that he drives the rig and I'm the navigator.
Ashley had her baby, Marshall Allen, on April 24.  Since then Jim and I have been cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, taking grand daughter Mia to school in the a.m. and picking her up in the p.m., and holding Marshall.  Plus doing a little clean up on the rig.  We plan to be back on the road in early June. 
Son-in-law Shad with his new son Marshall. 
Our daughter Ashley feeding her 7-day old son.  Marshall was having newborn baby portraits taken, hence the knitted outfit. 
Marshall at three weeks.
Grand daughter Mia on the carousel at the zoo. 
Mia meets a monkey at the zoo.