Tuesday, January 3, 2012

26 days of winter

After 26 days in Salt Lake City, we’re back at Agave Gulch FamCamp at Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson. We had a great Christmas and I was able to get 2-year-old grand daughter Mia ready for school most mornings, despite her current “I want my Mommy” phase.
But it’s amazing how much you can forget about your motor home (which we had in storage here at the base) in less than four weeks.   We couldn't get the propane-powered refrigerator to start (note to self: turn on the propane) and about hosed ourselves when Jim was re-installing the drain plug on our water heating system.  Oh well.  We figured it out, everything is working, and we have a great spot at the FamCamp. I think we are the youngest couple at FamCamp, which does wonders for our self esteem. Plus:  I was researching some hikes and was bummed to read they were best in the winter. Then I remembered:  This is winter; it’s just easy to forget when it’s 76 degrees outside. Life is good.
Jim, Bev, son-in-law Shad, granddaughter Mia, and daughter Ashley in our our Christmas jammies.  We hope to see our Portland contingent (daughter Season, SIL Lee, grandson Owen, about-to-be-born grandson Conner, plus our son Paul) in early summer.

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  1. A beautiful redheaded granddaughter, nothing else needs be said.