Monday, August 31, 2015

Down at the county fair

As a kid, I loved the Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio. I showed cattle and entered photography projects. I helped my Mom set up the Wellington Grange exhibit. I was on the Junior Fair Board. Mom and I sometimes perused the previous years dessert winners and then made and entered a few less popular categories (I think we got second place out of two in divinity). I helped at the band donut booth, sold tickets for rides, rode the rides, and played in a German band that entertained near the midway.  It was the full fair experience.

It's impossible for the fair to consume or thrill me the same way it did one week in August back in the 1960s, but I still like the fair. And last week was fair week, so Jim and I made two trips to the 170th Lorain County Fair.

Monday night we saw Three Dog Night perform at the grandstand.  The last concert I saw there was given by Pat Boone sometime during the 1960s.

Tuesday I wanted to explore the exhibits. Jim was ready to leave about an hour before I was, but played the good sport as I looked at vegetables, fruit, silage, sewing, gift wrapping (!), bees, candy, wine, heavy equipment, antiques, rabbits, cows, sheep, horses, and you-name-it, they-seem-to-have-a-category-for-it.
We were toward the back but still had good seats for Three Dog Night at the Lorain County Fair Grandstand. I'd forgotten how ubiquitous their songs were in the late '60s and 70's.  Three Dog Night had 12 gold albums and 21 consecutive hits including Momma Told Me Not to Come, Joy to the World, One, Black and White, Shambala, and Old Fashioned Love Song,
From top photo clockwise: 1) Vocalists and original band members Danny Hutton and Corey Wells, with Pat Bautz (whose been with the group since 1993) on drums.  2) A new keyboardist  replaced original keyboardist  Jimmy Greenspoon who died in March at the age of 67.  The new guy was great but I can't find his name anywhere, not even on the 3DN website 3) Bass player  Paul Kingery has been with 3DN since 1985 4) Michael Allsup, who has been with the band since shortly after it formed.
As the sun started to set during the concert, the lights on the midway rides were a great secondary show. 
Bev at a fair selfie spot.
Jim checking out the price of a piece of equipment he thought would come in handy.  It was listed at $49,500. We'll put it on the "very distant future wish list."
I was petting a goat in one of the pens when this young man said "You can pet my goat." Can't resist an offer like that. Love how this goat is leaning his head against the boy.
Gotta keep your horse clean.
 And gotta have some down time with your cows.
A few friendly fair faces.


  1. 1) I like your sweatshirt. 2) Boy, that Pat Boone could belt them out.