Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beer and a hike

Yesterday our big event was to use a “pay ten bucks and get $20 worth of pizza and beer" coupon at Nimbus Brewery, one of four microbreweries in Tucson.
Today we got more active and did a five mile hike in Saguaro National Park. (So I'm feeling better, Mom.)

Both days were lovely.

Action shot of Jim with a Nimbus IPA.
Bev and an oatmeal stout.
Jim at the beginning of the Cactus Forest Trail at Saguaro National Forest East, which is only about 20 minutes from where we are staying in Tucson
I like this shot of a dead Saguaro next to a living one because it shows the "ribs" that make up the inside of the plant --- and that also make great hiking sticks.
A Saguaro full of woodpecker-drilled holes that are now home to all sort of small birds.  

Bev in front of one huge Saguaro.
Wow! A double crested Saguaro.  The top split in two and each section crested -- plus arms grew up on the sides and behind it.  Two more photos are below.

Spring wildflowers are out; some are already gone.


  1. Some people just retire; others go on an endless adventure. The picture of Jim savoring and appraising, his IPA, is no less moving than would be a picture of Picasso making the final stroke on Guernica! One cannot elevate a master of one genius over the master of another. Also glad to see that Bev is paying more attention to her health now. I’m sure your mother will be proud to see that you are getting all the fiber, through oatmeal, that persons of our advanced years need. Your desert pictures, especially the double crested saguaro from the base of the plant, are nature masquerading as art, great job!

  2. Carl: I didn't think of the fiber benefit of "oatmeal"... thanks! Plus, what it really tastes like is chocolate. Fiber has got to be the reason Jim likes those hops in the IPAs. Tell Sandy that if she is interested in Frida she might want to read "Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. Kingsolver inserts a fictional character into real life events involving Frida Kahlo and others.

  3. Bev! now you’ve done it! Following your instructions, I told Sandy that she should read “Lacuna”. She looked at me incredulously and told me that not only had she read it about a year ago, but that she had read a large number of passages out load to me. WHY DON’T YOU REMEMBER!?! DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN TO ME!?! (These of course were only rhetorical questions, designed to trap me into saying more stupid stuff. Instead I wisely stared at my feet and mumbled softly to myself.) The next thing I knew Sandy had gone to the library and pulled down the book and started reading different passages interspersionly saying “You don’t remember this? You don’t remember this? … Honestly, Bev, I didn’t remember. In my own defense, my brains memory capacity is completely filled with important things like the full cut of Jane Fonda’s nude scene in “Coming Home” and critical facts like it was June 10, 1959 that Rocky Calavito hit his four home runs in one game. To Sandy, this is no excuse, hardhearted. I know that I should be expressing these thoughts to Sandy, who is the source of my discomfort and not you. And I would too, except that, she …. Well …. She frightens me.
    I could go on, but I have been given a reading assignment that I must complete before Saturday’s quiz.

  4. Carl: Check your book shelf. If you do NOT see them, recommend to Sandy the following books: "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand and "Three Junes" by Julia Glass.