Monday, February 20, 2012

MIA -- Again

I hadn’t seen my Mom since last September, and I decided to visit her in Ohio while Jim held down the fort with Cooper in Tucson.  So I flew to Ohio ... and then immediately got sick,  which is why I haven’t posted for a while and why I’ve had a very low-key trip.  
After I got sick, and after a a day and a half of “this does not seem to be getting any better,” Mom called my older brother, Bob, who lives about an hour away.  Since it was a Sunday and my mom lives in a small town, our idea was he could take me to an urgent care center about 20 miles away.  Bob is a veterinarian.  As soon as Bob got here he asked if we’d called my younger brother, Don, who lives further away and is an MD.  We said not yet.  Bob rolled his eyes and called Don.   Then Bob and Don did a phone consult and figured out what was wrong ... although Don did say that since I called the vet first, maybe they should just put me down.  Fortunately, Bob had not brought supplies for that, and I am on the mend.  Thank you, Bob and Don.
While most of my trip has involved me lounging on the couch and my mom forcing me to drink fluids, we have done a couple of things.  We got mom a great dress and shoes for my nephew’s/her grandson’s Fall wedding; went out to lunch with a relative I haven’t seen for 20 years; visited with cousins; had Lake Erie perch (always a must), and got to visit in person with Bob and my SIL, Suzie.
Meanwhile, in Tucson Jim did a lot of hiking -- plus Cooper got a cholla cactus in his mouth and got to go to a vet clinic.  Ouch.  But Cooper is better now, too.  And I’ll be back in Tucson Wednesday night.
Mom and Bev


  1. I’m glad that you are feeling better, though who better to take care of you than your mother when you aren’t feeling well. You and your family could be the inspiration of a great sitcom series, regrettably, I am afraid that your role is destined to be that of the straight man (woman) who provides the canvas, and target, for the other characters’ gag lines

  2. So true, so true. When you get my brothers and/or my husband in the same room with me, I don't stand much of a chance. And it's not any better when I'm in the same room with you.