Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Going home for the holidays

Whoa!  I haven’t posted since Saturday.  Since then we’ve gone to a movie (Lincoln at the matinee at the Yuma Palms Mall - it was packed and we may have been the youngest people there.  Then again, I may be flattering ourselves); to the Yuma Downtown Farmers' Market; to a couple of farm stands between the Yuma Proving Ground where we are staying and the city of Yuma (Jim is now an affectionado of date bread); and we visited another nearby wetlands called Mittry Lake.  

Plus we've been cleaning the rig prior to storing it here at the army base and heading home in the tow car for the holidays.  We leave tomorrow morning. I probably won’t be posting often, if at all, until we are back on the road in early January.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a wonderful holiday and talk at you next year.
A coyote staring at us on our way to Mittry Lake.  What Jim really wants to see is a burro.  I may have to buy him one.
Mittry Lake near Yuma on the lower Colorado River between that river's  two southernmost dams (Laguna and Imperial).  The Laguna Dam was the first dam built on the Colorado River.  
Ducks on Mittry Lake.
Jim on the Mittry Lake dock.
And Happy 92nd Birthday yesterday to my Mom.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Jim. We hope you come out East(ish) sometime soon. By the way, your Mom's a fox!