Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold in St. George

We’re on our way home to SLC.  Yesterday we drove from Yuma to St. George, UT --  little over 400 miles -- and spent last night for free at a hotel called the Crystal Inn.  We stayed there last year, had a bad experience, and got a gift certificate for another stay to make up for it.  What the heck, we thought; we’ll give it another shot.  This time the service was great. The St. George Crystal Inn also has a good set up for dogs --- a sliding glass door from the parking lot lead directly to our room, so we didn’t have to walk Cooper down the hallway.

After leaving balmy Yuma, however, the temperature in palm-tree-filled St George is a shock. The headline in this morning’s newspaper read “Deep freeze sets records” as the thermometer hit zero, which was 11 degrees lower than the previous low temperature for a December 9.  On the other hand, another local headline read “St. George dons rare winter chic for residents,” which goes to show it all depends on your attitude.  
Icy crystals at the St. George Crystal Inn.
Our car parked in front of our room.  Jim was a little worried about the ice cycles, so this morning we didn't use the sliding glass door. 


  1. Snow on a palm tree! Is that an oxymoron? Non Sequitur? Or just simply wrong.