Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend with Paul

I'm still in Ohio with my Mom and Jim is still back in Tucson.

My son, Paul, spent the weekend again with me and Mom, which was great.  We went to lunch at Dimitri's, a Wellington restaurant that Paul said he'd give 5 starts to on Yelp because you get a very big, very good breakfast for very cheap.  Then Paul and I went grocery shopping for our next meal, which was pizza hand made by Paul. We also looked at some of Mom's family keepsakes, including a beautiful quilt made about 1865. 

Sunday we went to brunch with family and then I took Paul to get groceries of his own.

It was a food-centric, very nice weekend. Love you Paul.
Paul and his grandma (my Mom) looking at a quilt made in about 1865 by Katharine McFadden Burge, Paul's great-great-great grandmother.  Katharine was born in Wayne County Ohio in 1824 and died in 1908.  She and her husband, Benjamin McKrille Burge, had 10 children. I have diaries belonging to two of the daughters, Frances and Zelma.  Frances was a school teacher and died when she was very young.  Zelma lived to be nearly 90 and traveled all over the world even though she was single, which must have been unusual at the time. The other siblings have interesting stories as well; that family is worth a historical novel.
A close up of some of the stitching on Katharine McFadden Burge's quilt.  Note the little boy and little girl embroidered on the brown fabric. For a story about a quilt from my Mom's side of the family click here.
In Mom's cedar chest of keepsakes was this pill box hat, which Paul said made me look like I should be riding in a Dallas parade.  So sad, but a pink pillbox certainly was a hat of the 1960's.
Paul's deep dish mushroom, basil and mozzarella pizza.
Post brunch photo at Deagan's in Lakewood, Ohio.  Good food and good company. From L to R are Fred, Paul, me, Rena, Jon and Lauren -- members of the best group of ex-in laws anyone could ever have. 


  1. Excellent fashion statement, only one woman in a hundred could make that hat work!

  2. Sandy could rock it in court. Let me know if she wants it.