Sunday, March 30, 2014

Balmorhea State Park, Texas

A couple of days ago we left El Paso and went east.  Somewhere on I-10 we passed the spot where Jim once nearly left me at the side of a lonely freeway.  This time we drove without incident to Balmorhea State Park in tiny Toyahvale, Texas. 

I'm sure we'll stop at more Texas State Parks before  leaving the state. We really like the Texas State park system. For one, it has the easiest on-line reservation system of any we've used.  No looking at a stick-figure map to pick out a camp site, hoping the the map is accurate, finding out it's not -- or discovering there's construction going on next door. 

Instead, just reserve your nights, arrive at the park and for the most part pick out what you want. Also, for $70 you get an annual pass that covers entrance fees plus gives you 4 half-off coupons on stays over one night, which soon pays for itself.

Anyway.  We like Balmorhea. Some pics and info below.

Our campsite at Balmorhea included a stucco and tile-roofed ramada. 

The park includes the San Solomon Springs Court Motel at the right.  Along with most of the rest of the park, the motel was built by the CCC in the early 1940s. 
Jim and Cooper near the retro-looking motel rooms.  A woman at an RV camp site told Jim she was a "healer" and tried some "laying on of hands" to help with Cooper's arthritis.  The dog Was. Not. Interested.  Might have worked better if she'd been a heeler.
A center piece of Balmorhea State park is the huge and deep swimming pool fed by the San Solomon Spring.  It's a popular place for diving classes -- when I took this photo at least 40 divers were in the pool.     
This cool-looking Methodist Church in Downtown Balmorhea was built in 1942.
We made a quick stop at Balmorhea three years ago but never noticed another attraction just four miles away:  Balmorhea Lake.  So we put our kayaks in the water for the first time in four months.  Since the small digital camera I use on the boat now apparently belongs to Southwest Airlines, Jim took this photo of me with his iPhone.  


  1. Looks like almost the very same spot we camped in about a year ago.

    1. It's a pretty little park, isn't it?

  2. Sandy was so pleased to hear that Jim was openminded about the laying of hands. She is sorry that it didn't work for Cooper, having the "gift" herself, she knows that the healer can only heal, if the sick believes. She's thinking maybe Cooper wasn't fully committed, only he knows for sure.

    She found that she had this "gift" when the kids were in school. When Glenn would start claiming that he wasn't well enough to attend class, she would lay-hands on him, usually two or three times, and he would find that he was feeling good enough to go to school after all.

    Between you and me (don't tell Sandy, we don't want her healing me), I think this faith healing stuff is just a bunch of crap. Cooper should try the true cures, like pyramids, crystals and acupuncture!

    1. I laughed. Glenn seems to have survived his mom's gift of healing. You might not fare as well.