Saturday, July 19, 2014

I love a parade (and a reunion)

Yesterday Jim and I went to my 45th high school reunion of the Wellington, Ohio, High School class of 1969.

Jim, who went to high school in Yakima, Washington, was a good sport about meeting and talking with a bunch of folks he didn't know. Everyone was warm and welcoming; it was good get together.

Today we went to the Wellington Cheese Festival. Click here to read a post I did last year about the festival, which celebrates Wellington's one-time position as the nation's largest cheese producer. This year we also got to watch the parade.  Main event:  20 pieces of farm equipment courtesy of Wellington Implement Company, which is celebrating its 85th year in business.
Twenty-seven of the 100+ people I graduated with attended our reunion.  Photo courtesy of Mickey (top row, third from left) whose spouse must have taken the pic. Mickey and his committee did a good job of planning the event, which was held at the Wellington Reservation, a local county park. I'm in the front row, second from the left.
Turns out that using a "water color" setting on my camera (like I discussed in my last post) is not a good idea with a large group.  My former classmates and I all look like cartoon characters. Note to self:  use the water color setting only for close ups of individuals and scenery.
A Case tractor leads Wellington Implement equipment in today's Wellington Cheese Festival parade.  Wellington Implement sells tractors, combines and other big machines plus smaller equipment like riding mowers. 
The local 4-H band makes an appearance at the parade.
No cheese festival parade is complete without cheese heads on horse back...
...and you also apparently need a mini guy driving a mini John Deere.


  1. It just tickled Carole to see the Wellington parade and the Lorain County 4H band. We enjoyed the whole post. Thanks! Linda

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for reading! Tell Carole there was also a a canine princess float and a car painted to look like Swiss cheese. Plus, Jim now has a new phrase if someone seems a little "off kilter." He says they are "two tractors short of a parade." It was fun and I love my home town.

    2. Also, hope you had a great time at the LD outing!

  2. Leeanne and I have a pact -- she doesn't have to go to my reunions and I don't have to go to hers. And I am a 69er too. Gary

    1. My reunion was just 3 hours long, so Jim could handle it. Only there was no alcohol so he said it seemed longer. (Any classmates who might read this: just kidding.) Go Class of '69!