Thursday, July 17, 2014

Water Colors

After I apparently left my point-and-shoot on an airplane plane in March, I started looking for a replacement camera.  I wanted a light-weight one with a strong zoom lens I could use while Jim and I kayak.  

I did some research and purchased a Sony Cybershot DX HX50V.  It's a little heavier than my old point-and-shoot, but its 30X zoom is great. My Mom's neighbors (here in Wellington, Ohio, where I'm visiting) have mules, and I took a photo of the mules that looks like I was ten feet a way. In reality, the neighbors live about an eighth of a mile away.  Mom said I should share the photo with the neighbors, but I was concerned doing so would also announce "Hey, I can take close ups of everything at your place!" (Neighbors: I was just practicing and won't aim my lens at you again. PS: Your mules are darn cute.)

At the moment I'm experimenting with camera settings I didn't realize were on my Cybershot when bought it.  These settings make photos look like oil paintings, water colors, illustrations, and more. I'm getting rather addicted to the water color setting. Some examples are below. 
This photo of me and my Wellington, Ohio, high school friend Sally is one of the first photos I took with my water color setting.  We're having our 45th year high school reunion tomorrow; when I posted this photo on Facebook some of my class mates said "Bring your camera to the reunion -- we'll look  like the youngest 45th year group ever."  It does smooth out the lines. (Sally looks this good with or without the water color effect.)
Son Paul (who lives in Lakewood, Ohio) and me.
View from Mom's back yard.  Ohio has beautiful clouds.
Another shot taken from Mom's back yard.
Visitors Center at the Wellington Reservation, which is part of the Lorain County, Ohio, Metro Parks System and where my high school class will hold its 45th reunion.
Another shot at the Wellington Reservation.
Two mourning doves in Mom's lilac bush.
Baskets of hanging petunias on the town square in Wellington, Ohio, where Mom lives and where I grew up.


  1. Bev - These are amazing! I'm going to get one of those cameras! Am I one of those doves? I don't remember climbing a tree during our visit....Hugs and Kisses, Sally

    1. Hey Sal! I think you are a dove...or maybe a fancy cloud :) With your garden, you could get some gorgeous shots with the water color setting. Love to you.