Friday, January 30, 2015

Superbowl XLIX Visit

Jim is a big Seattle Seahawks fan, so yesterday we took a road trip to Phoenix, home of Superbowl XLIX. The game is actually being played in nearby Glendale, but it’s all in the neighborhood.

Twelve blocks of downtown Phoenix have been turned into party central, with displays and activities indoors and out. We spent the day at "The NFL Experience” at the Phoenix Convention Center, described as “pro football’s interactive theme park offering participatory games, displays, entertainment attractions, youth football clinics and free autograph sessions.”  It was also home of the Superbowl Media Center.

About 75 percent of the attendees were wearing football jerseys or team hats; we saw more Seahawks clothing than that of any team. We also saw lots of Green Bay gear, plus people wearing Forty Niners and Cowboys shirts. Oddly, few folks were wearing New England Patriots clothing. Sadly, we did not see a single Cleveland Browns hat or shirt, but there is always next year for the Browns.

Staff and security were all over the place -- the staff was always saying hello and asking if people needed help.  We saw police, police dogs, hovering helicopters, and my bag was checked before I went in the Convention Center, but our wait times were mostly short even though many lines were long. Staff moved people quickly.

The weather was more Seattle than Phoenix -- it started to rain last night and has poured hard off an on all day today -- but it's supposed to clear by game day. We lucked out on the weather because it didn’t start raining hard until after we were back to our hotel last night. After we had dinner at a brew pub, of course.

As we walked to the convention center, a huge banner seemed to be predicting a Seattle win.  Blocked from view, however, are the letters "vs" plus the Boston Patriot's logo.
Scenes from the "NFL Experience" at the Phoenix Convention Center, clockwise from top left:  Jim selecting a Seahawks T shirt; posing with the real Lombardi trophy; Richard Sherman as seen on a huge display; and a couple of Hawks fans waiting to buy tickets to enter the Phoenix Convention Center ($35 each, but we got a half-price military discount).  Note that the guy on the left has a Seahawks logo shaved into his hair.
More "NFL Experience," clockwise from top left:  A Microsoft employee explained the tablets Microsoft makes for the NFL that allow coaches and players to immediately see any completed play; Jim and the Seattle quarterback's locker; one of the many banners hanging all over the Convention Center -- this one near the Lombardi Trophy; and Jim in his team's uniform.
Jim at the site of Super Bowl 49.  Go Hawks!


  1. I thought the football championship was already settled in Arlington, TX. Are you telling me someone is still playing football?

    1. Really, who knew? I told Jim while we where there that I wished I had worn my Ohio State hat.

  2. Replies
    1. The hoodies cost $85 and I'm guessing the jerseys were in that same neighborhood, so we didn't even look. Maybe next year -- id we ever recover from the actual game (doing so may take a while for Jim).