Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Heisman Winner Versus Third String Quarterback

A photo from a recent post that bears repeating:
Bev and her Ohio State Buckeyes ball cap.
Hurray for the Buckeyes! Gotta get one of those National Championship shirts to go with the above ball cap.

I'm an Ohio State grad and Jim is a native Oregonian -- but fortunately for me he went to Oregon State University (with orange and black uniforms) not University of Oregon (usually wearing some sort of green/gold combo except during the championship game). And orange and black Beavers dislike Ducks of any color combination. Still, the Ducks represented the PAC 12 -- and if you can't root for your home team, in the big games you root for your conference. Jim kept the peace Monday night by cheering (out loud anyway) for the offense, no matter who had the ball.

Thank you, Jim. And go Buckeyes!


  1. Sounds like you handled the family dynamics fairly well. Though if the time ever comes that you decide to leave Jim, you'll want to remind the judge about his part-time support of Oregon Monday night. Not a jury in the country would fault you! I've been tossed out for less.

    1. I so agree. I think this one is gonna stick though. Go Buckeyes!