Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One sick dog

Our dog, Cooper, has almost recovered from a bad bout of pneumonia.  Pneumonia is tough on anyone, but it's especially hard on a 16-year-old doggie.     

For several weeks Jim spent a lot of time getting Coop's meds down him and trying to get him to eat. Besides having little energy, Coop just didn't have the appetite for his regular food, let alone the peanut butter, cheese, turkey, pill pockets and other treats Jim used to entice Coop to swallow his meds.   

It was lucky we were in Ohio when Coop got so sick.  First, Bev's brother is a veterinarian and lives about 40 miles away; he, Dr. Rust, and the rest of the staff at Apple Hill Animal Hospital in Broadview Heights have been wonderful.  Second, at my Mom's, Cooper doesn't have to climb steps like he does when we are on the road or at home in Salt Lake. Third, Cooper sleeps in my Mom's garage which has a fairly cool floor even in Ohio's heat and humidity. Adding to the coolness is the homemade doggie air conditioner Jim made by cutting a hole in the top of a Styrofoam cooler, filling the cooler with ice, and setting up a fan so the rising cold air goes directly to doggie.

I think Cooper -- who was already in Jim's life when Jim and I met in 2003 -- is a lucky dog. Jim probably thinks he's the lucky one.
Cooper, a blue heeler mix.  He's feeling much better, thank you.

Bev's veterinarian brother, Bob, and his wife Suzie, a retired college professor.  Thanks so much for taking care of Cooper, Bob!  Bob's holding a can of Heady Topper beer that he brought back for Jim from a Vermont vacation. The beer is brewed in Waterbury, Vermont; last October it was rated the number one beer in the world by the Beer Advocate.  Bob said people were waiting in line for four hours to buy it -- but someone gave him two cans.  He gave one to his son and -- because he knows Jim loves IPAs -- he brought the other one back to Ohio to split with Jim.

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