Friday, October 21, 2011

A near accident we didn't have

As we were leaving Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky this morning, we met a couple who told us a pretty harrowing story.  Thursday night they were traveling south on I-75 in Ohio in the rain and wind when their travel trailer hydroplaned and turned them around 180 degrees.  There was no damage to the trailer or their pick up truck pulling it -- but they were now facing the wrong way on the freeway in the dark and the rain.  Luckily for them, a semi truck pulled across the lanes and stopped traffic, giving time to get going the right way.  After they told us this story, they said they were on their way to visit some Kentucky bourbon distilleries -- and pulled away with part of their tow bar hitch dragging on the ground.   We wish them the best of luck!
Happy wedding today to Matt and Jeannine.  Matt is the son of our good friends John and Debbie in Salt Lake City.  And belated congrats to Steve and Missy's daughter Lindy, who had her second baby, a little boy.  My kids grew up with these kids, and the torch has been passed.  We love you.
As for us, we are at Deam Lake State Recreation Area in Borden, Indiana, 18 miles west of Louisville, Kentucky.  The park has a huge campground with 116 regular camping spots plus another 68 for horse camping.  I didn’t even know horses liked to camp.
A view of Deam Lake.  The man-made lake is named after Charles Deam, Indiana's first forester.

For reasons unknown, Cooper has started sleeping on our laundry bag. 

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