Monday, October 31, 2011

Of hair dryers and hens

You cannot use a hair dryer, straightening iron and portable heater at the same time in our rig. Well, maybe you could.  But Bev can't.
I learned that this morning when I popped something that ended our electrical hook up.  We re-read the rig’s owners manual, but didn’t find a solution. Fortunately, we were driving to a city (rare for us) and figured we could find someone who knew what the @#$% to do.  
The city: Memphis, Tennessee.  The campground location:  Where else?  Graceland RV Park and Campground, right behind the Heartbreak Hotel and next to Elvis’s home.  Well, former home.
There are RVs here from Canada, one from Germany, and one that has an Ohio State Buckeyes sticker on the back window.  A regular UN.
As for the electrical issue:  Jim called a mobile RV repair place that gave him advice over the phone -- the problem was a Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) behind a metal cover we’d never opened.  The learning experience continues.
Also: we met neighbors Gloria and Michael, who are moving from Maine to California with their two babies and five chickens.  I’m thinking both are real conversation starters,  as the kids are cuties and how many RV travelers do you see with a big cageful of chickens? Steve W, if you read this blog, Michael is originally from Long Island and sounds like you.
Tomorrow, it’s on to Elvis. 

At Graceland RV Park in Memphis:  Jim talks with our neighbors Gloria, Michael and their toddlers, while the chickens listen.  Also:  Cooper (our dog) apologizes for being so grumpy.


  1. Bev,

    I'm glad that you provided the picture of the chickens. I started drawing pictures in my mind of the brightly colored busses throughout Central and South America with chickens tied to the top of the bus.

    Also, I know the frustration of tripping GFIs, but always remember that it is so much better than using your body in the curling iron circuit!


  2. Hi Glenn! Yeah, we probably lucked on out the GFI deal. And belated happy birthday by nearly two months. Thanks for writing! Give the boys a hug from us.