Sunday, June 3, 2012

On the road again

We said good bye to our red-headed grand daughter, our new grandson, our daughter and son in law.  I am really going to miss them.  But by noon we were on I-15 headed north for our summer adventure in the Pacific Northwest.  As I write, I’m sitting in the parking lot of our first stop:  the Jerome, Idaho Walmart. We have a couple more interesting stops planned along the way, but our first big event will be in Kennewick, Washington, to visit Jim’s sister. We will also spend time in Portland, the Oregon coast and Seattle.  Other than that ... we’ll know it when we get there.

Also, last night we went to a loud, fun, delicious retirement dinner with 8 friends to celebrate a 35-year career in teaching.  Congrats, Steve!  (Note to the group: we found our bear spray.)  

Grand daughter Mia in the door way of our rig, or as she calls it, "Grandma and Grandpa's school bus."

Our motor home parked in front of our home as we did the final loading.  Now that we know what we actually use while living full time in the rig, we left with fewer items than when we first took off last August.  Some of the things we left behind:  one of our lounge area’s barrel chairs, some camping equipment, a second computer, and a lot of clothes we never wore (but we did bring rain gear).   
I had a request for a Walmart photo, so here it is.  We’re not even unhooking the tow car for this one night stop in Jerome and won’t do any exploring.  But I read that Jerome has a population of about 11,000.

Grandson Marshall at ten days old.
Marshall and big sister Mia.
Shad, Marshmallow, Ashley and Mia.

Bev with her girls and grandson.


  1. Thanks for the Walmart pic. PERFECT! Ditto for Ashley &family. Happy trails!

  2. Thanks, Steve! We were thinking of you when we took it.

  3. Good to see you "on the road, again", assume that you have Willie Nelson streaming through the iPod (or Jim's iPhone). Looks like a great summer adventure.

  4. Hey Carl! Hope summer in Lancaster is off to a great start! Tell Sandy hi.