Monday, June 18, 2012

Portland area with the fam

You know you’re not in Utah anymore when the local brew pub includes a children’s play area.  And that’s exactly what we found when we got to Tigard, Oregon this past weekend.   
We picked Tigard not for the brew pub, but because that’s where our daughter, Season, SIL Lee and grandchildren Owen and Connor live.  It’s also not far from northeast Portland, the home of our son, Paul.  We also stayed a little further south at a private RV park in Woodburn, because the really convenient and pretty Tigard RV park was already booked some of the days we needed.  
Anyway -- Saturday evening was spent with Season and Lee and the kids.  Sunday we had breakfast with Paul, took a long walk in his neighborhood, and then celebrated Fathers' Day with a dinner made by Season and Lee.  It was very nice to see the Oregon contingent of our family.  Love you guys!
Grandson Owen riding his dinosaur.  Owen will be 3 in July. 
Five-month-old grandson Connor holding the favorite 
part of his play center.
Are these two guys cute or what?  Connor and Grandpa. 
Are these two guys cute and silly or what?  Owen and 
Lee grilling the Fathers' Day rib eye steaks, which
were great.
Season making a Gorgonzola sauce to go with the steaks. 
Also great.
Season, Lee and their boys.
I got so caught up in talking with Paul that we didn't
get the mandatory Mom-hugging-her-son photo.
But I did hug him.  And here's a photo he sent me a few
months ago.

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