Monday, January 13, 2014

Just stuff in Tucson

I’m writing this from the laundry room at the Agave Gulch military fam camp at Tucson’s Davis Monthan Air Force Base.  I didn’t think there would be an empty washer available, since the RV park here has 200 camping spots and a laundry room with only 8 washers and dryers. But I’m the only one in here and Jim’s promised to come back and help me fold.

Since I posted last time we’ve been going to the gym and celebrated my birthday on January 8 with a dinner at my favorite Tucson Mexican restaurant.  I've taken knitting and crocheting lessons, we went to the nearby Nimbus Brewery, and Jim’s gotten in plenty of NFL watching and is glad his favorite team -- the Seattle Seahawks -- will play in this weekend’s NFC championship game.  Jim spent his high school years in Washington so he's partial to the Seahawks. 

Also, we met two very cool fellow Lazy Dazers, Carol and Linda, who live near Petaluma, CA and are here at the Davis Monthan Fam Camp.  Carol actually grew up in Lorain, Ohio, which is very close to my home town.  Carol and Linda saw our Lazy Daze motor home and since there are so few of them out there, they knocked on our door to say hello.

One thing we have not been doing is kayaking, since the closest suitable body of water is 70 miles away.  Jim said he was tired of getting funny looks driving around with kayaks on top of the car, so we took them off and are storing them behind the rig.   Makes it harder to find our car in a parking lot, however.
Some of the decorations at El Charro, the restaurant where we celebrated my birthday. El Charro has been in business since 1922 and claims to be the oldest Mexican restaurant in the US continually run by the same family.  I had the carne seca burrito; the beef it contains is dried on the roof of the restaurant.  Sounds a little sketchy, but they dry it in a suspended cage and it tasted very good.
My yarn results, so far.  Shortly after my first crochet lesson I called Jim and said “You’ll never guess where I am.”  I was at BevMo, a beer/wine/liquor store that sounds like my name abbreviated, and I needed a drink because my brain was dead and my already-not-working-too-well right shoulder was aching.  I had another lesson the next day and Marcela, my Chilean instructor, told me she’s thought about it and decided I should try knitting instead.  Good call, Marcela.  Much easier.  The beer is a Mud Shark double chocolate stout.


  1. Roof dried beef and Chugging Double Chocolate Beers … I kinda think that is what heaven is all about.

    1. Me, too, especially when it's 70 degrees outside. Tell Sandy hi from us (hi to you, too.)