Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kayaking at Spencer Lake in Spencer, Ohio

We could have called this post "Up a Lake Without a Paddle," but fortunately Mom's house is only 15 minutes from Spencer Lake.  So when we realized after unloading our boats that we'd forgotten our paddles, Jim stayed with the kayaks while I made a quick drive back to Mom's.

We like a quiet paddle, and that's what we got at Spencer Lake.  Only one other boater was there today -- a guy fishing from a kayak who immediately took off for a corner on the south side.  Other than lots of birds -- especially two big herons -- and a fish that startled me when he jumped next to my boat, it was beautifully quiet.  

Spencer Lake is divided into two sections by a grass berm/dam with a sidewalk on top.  A map of the lakes makes the south lake look larger, so that's where we put in the boats.  Then we wanted to explore the north side so we got out of the water, dragged out the boats, found a spot where we could access the water, carried the boats over there and got back in.  While paddling the north lake Jim found what he called "the northwest passage"-- a metal culvert big enough for a kayak connecting the two lakes.

Jim gets in his kayak with the straddle-your-boat-then-drop-in-your-butt technique.
Jim watches one of the two herons that were fishing on the lake.
A Blue Heron.
Close up of the big bird.

Spencer Lake is part of the 618-acre Spencer Wildlife Area and is just northeast of the small town of Spencer, Ohio, in Medina County.  The lake has bluegill, catfish and bass. Besides fishing and hiking (more like walking, but there are a few paths), the area has an archery range.

Today is another humid day and Mom's thermometer hit 100 this afternoon.  That's way too warm for Jim.  But there was a breeze and I thought it was very comfortable out on the water. Glad we had on our sunscreen, though.
Self-portrait of the photographer.  I really like my PFD (personal flotation device, or what we used to call "life jackets.")    It's a Stohlquist Cruiser, has a high back that fits above the seat of my kayak, and is very comfortable. Plus it's a girly jacket with flowers embroidered on it.
Jim entering the culvert that connects the south and north sides of the lake.  
And Jim coming out of the Northwest Passage. It was too narrow to paddle, so when we needed an assist we just used our hands.
After our last paddle at Findley State Park my right hip hurt.  Mom gave me a foam pillow (it's actually one of those pillows you put around your neck so you can sleep sitting up in an airplane) and it worked perfectly.  We paddled Spencer Lake for almost three hours and my hip was fine.

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