Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Resting the rig a bit

We arrived in Salt Lake City -- where we still have a house -- on Saturday.   Our daughter, SIL and two grand children live here while we are on the road.  And the six of us -- plus three dogs and a cat -- live together when we're at home base a couple of times a year.  It's a little tight (and I'm sure the kids would say it gets even tighter as the days go by) but has worked well for three years.

We are not sure where we are going next, but we will be going.  While in SLC we'll continue to post, although not as often.  But check back because another trip is coming soon.

On the way to Salt Lake City from our last stop in Green River, Utah: the Carbon County, Utah, area -- named for nearby major coal deposits.
Mountains near Spanish Fork Canyon in Utah.  Means we're getting closer to home.
View from our front yard and kitchen window: Mount Olympus, which at 9,026 feet is visible from almost anywhere in the Salt Lake Valley.  Jim and I comment on beautiful views wherever we go, and we've seen some amazing ones.  But we also have a great view right here at home. 
View on our front patio:  Grandson Marshall and granddaughter Mia.  When on the road, I miss this view the most.
Marshall and bubbles.
And a new and frequent view in our back yard: One of two peacocks that volunteered to live in our neighborhood as of about a month ago.  Noisy, not especially fastidious, but very beautiful


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    1. Thank you! Keep having fun in CA and wherever the next road takes you!