Friday, May 9, 2014

Doing Laundry in Moab, Utah

We're in Moab, Utah -- gateway to Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and stunning red rock scenery.

And what have we done?  Went to a brew pub, ate breakfast out, did our laundry, washed the tow car and the rig.

In our defense, we're on the home stretch of this leg of our ongoing RV travels; in a few days we'll stop at our home base in Salt Lake City and take a short adventure hiatus. Could be we're on adventure overload. Plus, we've been to Moab several times before.

So we got reservations at a downtown Moab RV park and decided to spend time in town. Besides chores and a few meals out, we put in at least six miles walking up and down Main Street, poking around the shops.  We've also watched the all-terrain vehicles, jeeps, motorcycles, bikes with fat tires and trucks with huge wheels cruise Main Street. If there is a city-with-the-most-muscle-vehicles-per-capita contest, Moab is a contender.
We're at Canyonlands RV Park, almost right across the street from the Moab Brewery.   Last time we were in Moab, we thought about staying here but didn't see the entrance. This time we asked for directions and were told to drive in "between the Texaco and the swimming pool."  They really pack them in here, but the staff is nice, there are lots of trees, and if you want an RV place downtown, it's a good choice.


  1. We didn't know there was an RV Park across from the brewery -- and we spent several evenings there.

    1. New life goal: Find a brewery you have not been to. We may be setting the bar (so to speak) too high.