Friday, August 22, 2014

After Target, you really need a beer

Here's the rest of the Target RX "don't know their heads from a hole in the ground" story, which started yesterday:  

This morning the Missoula Target called Jim and told him that they didn't actually have 90 pills for him (which is what Jim saw in the bottle he almost purchased yesterday) but could provide 30 pills. They reiterated that after insurance the cost of 90 pills was $590 and said 30 pills would cost $196.

Jim called his insurance company (Tricare) again and was assured that the price was not what Target quoted. Tricare added that if Jim purchased 30 pills, his responsibility was $44. Jim decided to purchase the 30 pills at $196 and apply to Tricare for a refund. He wants the meds, we're on the move, he can get a refund, and $196 is not quite the kick in the stomach/wallet as is the $590 Target wanted to charge us yesterday.

So we went to Target.  After a lot of discussion, Target found the bottle of 90 pills.  After a lot more discussion, Target said Jim owed zero, zip, nada.  Jim said thanks very much, signed the paperwork, and high tailed it out of Target.  Maybe we'll get a bill down the road -- or maybe we really don't owe anything for the medication. But after the run around we got from Target, goose egg dollars seems like a fair price.

After that we went to another brew pub. Just kidding. First we walked some of Missoula's "River Front Trails," which travel along the Clark Fork River.  Then we went to a brew pub.
Jim and Cooper on part of Missoula's "River Front Trails" that follows the Clark Fork River. The Clark Fork River empties into Lake Pend Orielle in northern Idaho and was named for William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame.
A wall near a city trail was covered with graffiti. Some of it actually looked cool and some of it looked clearly gang related.
A statue of a grizzly bear in front of Missoula's "Boone and Crockett Club" along the River Front Trail.  Boone and Crockett Clubs were founded by Teddy Roosevelt and friends to address declines in wildlife populations.  They are supposed to be a hunter/conservationist organization.  

The Florence Building in downtown Missoula has glass block and other art deco-like features. Originally a hotel (the story is that John Wayne stayed there) it's now an office building with retail space on the first floor.

We saw these in Bozeman, too:  Beautifully painted downtown utility boxes.
Pretty buildings on Missoula's Higgins Street.  Missoula has 110,000 residents and Jim says he thinks they drive their cars all at once, because for a smallish city there is a lot of traffic.
Finally, the brew pub: Our beer and lunches at the Tamarack Brewery in downtown Missoula.  Neither Jim nor I were impressed with our beers, but the food and service were good.  That's Jim's salad on the right.  He's on a beer and salad diet.  Just kidding, but he has lost weight.

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