Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glacier National Park

Today we drove 130 miles from Jim and Mary’s RV Park in northwest Missoula to the west side of Glacier National Park in northern Montana. It was a pretty drive that took us along the east side of beautiful Flathead Lake, the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi in the lower 48.

We’re staying at Fish Creek Campground (Note to self: in space B66, where it was easy to level the rig).  We were here last August and it was so lovely that we wanted to come back.

We got settled in our campsite, took our kayaks to a boat inspection (we passed), went to the new nearby visitor’s center, made reservations for a bus tour tomorrow, and took a couple of short hikes. 
Our campsite at Fish Creek.  Jim made reservations five weeks ago. The pickins were slim, but we got a great spot. We also lucked out on the weather, because it snowed here last Friday.
Canoers and paddle boarders on nearby Lake McDonald, the largest lake at Glacier and very close to our campground. 
Bev on a bridge over Fish Creek, our campground’s namesake.  This spot is just a few hundred feet from our campsite.
Lake McDonald and the mountains as seen on our hike. 
Selfie with Lake McDonald and the mountains in the background. 
Jim on the trail.


  1. Getting a little farther north every year (to quote John Denver). I’m glad to see you took my advice on letting Jim take the lead on the walks through Grizzly country, I think you're OK leading the way through the herd of fawns.

    1. We were both carrying bear spray on that hike. Closest we got to a bear were two fellow hikers wearing bear bells.