Sunday, September 21, 2014

With the Portland branch of the family

We're in the Portland area, where daughter Season, son-in-law Lee, and grandsons Owen (age 5) and Connor (2 years 8 months) live.  So far we've played T-Rex; solved puzzles; watched football (with great results for this group of Oregon State and Seahawks fans); eaten (a lot); done laundry; taken walks (the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge was especially nice); and generally hung out.  

Below are a few pics, all but one taken with a somewhat goofy setting on my camera meant to make photos look like illustrations. I'm thinking they look more like cartoons -- but that may be the poses. 

Owen and Grandma Bev.
Connor was not quite as enthusiastic about posing as was his brother. But he did let me click off a couple.
Season and Owen.
Owen and his cowlicks.
The boys together.
What they really look like -- this time with their dad plus Owen in the super hero pose.


  1. If you are looking for something really different in beers, try out the Cascade Brewery in Portland and their sour beers.

    1. Thanks for the tip! Not sure if we're going to get in to the city on this trip, but if we do we will try it. We're staying in Tualatin and thinking of visiting a new nearby brewery called Two Kilts. So far, however, all our beer is from Safeway:)

  2. I've scrolled through your pictures and am understandably alarmed. Of course the most logical conclusion was that you all had some rare disease that morphed you into a two-dimensional world. And, since you are all family, to me it was clearly at the very least, a genetic disease, or even worse a genetic mutation of horrifying consequence. Goodness (still trying to keep the swear words in check), how does a two-dimensional person survive in a three-dimensional world. Have you lost your depth perception, when you eat does the food just fall out of the back of your head after you put it in your mouth (Oh how I would miss bacon)? And, isn't it impossible to keep track of all your family members as from sideways on you all look like very thin lines. I immediately called the National Disease Control Center in Atlanta, (fortunately I keep them on speed dial), the good news for you is that after reviewing the pictures they have assured me that this is not a genetic problem, they pointed out that since this is a combined family issue, there is not a clear genetic tie between all parties. The bad news for you, they said that it is more likely an infectious disease that has spread to both side of the family and the trick is to find the carrier. Well, who has the closest ties with all the infected parties? You know, ever since you brought him into the fold I've always looked at Jim a little squinty-eyed. So there's the deal, your husband has brought good beer and bad diseases to the party.

    I have since read the manuscript and commentary associated with your pictures and am pleased to see that it is your camera and not your bridegroom that is the carrier of this infection. I know I can count on you not to share any disparaging remarks I may have made about Jim, as all was said with an open heart. And, also I wouldn't want him to beat the crap out of me! As a final note, you may want to know that even though I have contacted Atlanta about my mistake, it may be too late to stop the National Infectious Disease Quarantine Team which had already been deployed. My suggestion to you is to either keep moving, or to settle down in a spot you wouldn't mind spending six to seven weeks viewing through the walls of a plastic bubble.