Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ground glider

We're at  Leiber State Recreation Area in Cloverdale, Indiana. It's a beautiful park with big deciduous trees and a huge lake.  But before I get going on our latest RV adventure, I have to write one more post about our summer stay at my Mom's in Wellington, Ohio.

Sunday I went to the "Harvest of the Arts" festival in Wellington's town square and had a great time with my high school friend, Sally, and her husband Mike. We ate, wandered around the booths (food, jewelry, clothing, and more), talked to people (Sally and Mike know everyone), and bought honey made from hometown bees.

While I was there, Jim texted me a photo of himself sitting in a glider, sometimes known as a sailplane. On the ground. ???

My Mom's home is near a small air field. Most of the traffic consists of small prop planes towing gliders. Once high in the air, the gliders and planes separate and gliders silently ... well, they glide. They are very pretty and we like to watch them.

Sunday afternoon one of the gliders, as the pilot said, "lost air."  He couldn't make it back to the air strip and landed in a hay field across the road from my Mom. The pilot was OK and so was his glider.  

When Jim went across the street to investigate why a glider was being pushed across a neighbors lawn, the pilot offered to take a photo of Jim sitting in the plane. After the photo shoot, a group of guys hooked the glider to a truck and started to tow it down the road. 

As I was driving back to Mom's, I came across the glider in the middle of an intersection.The guys couldn't make the turn towing the glider with the truck. So they disconnected the glider and were pushing it around the corner.  I got out of my car to take some photos; by the time I finished, the glider was in the middle of the road and aimed at my car.  

I offered to turn around and take a longer way home but the guys said no. They just tipped a wing into the air and I drove right under it.

Jim and the glider.  The neighbors across the road helped push it out of a hay field.  Then guys with a pick up truck showed up and towed it down the middle of the road about 3/4 of a mile to the air strip it where was supposed to land.  
The glider guys trying to navigate a land turn.

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