Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Room with a view in Wellington, Ohio

My Mom has a wonderful nearly 180 degree view from her home's east and south facing sun room. I was always running outside to her deck to take photos of the clouds, the sunrise, an advancing storm, a deer in the soy bean field.

The terrain is flat with few large trees nearby, and there are no nearby houses in three directions. So the view is panoramic.  

We left the view and Mom yesterday and are on a diagonal path from Ohio to Arizona.  Thanks for everything, Mom. We miss you and love you.  

An approaching storm as seen from my Mom's sun room. 
The sun rising over the woods, clouds, and a few jet contrails.
The view slightly south of the one immediately above, this time between rainstorms.
And the view a little to the north, on a recent foggy morning and with the help of a telephoto lens. The photo of our motor home at the top of our blog was also taken at my Mom's house several years ago.

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