Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Beverly Beach, Oregon

We spent three very dog-centric days at Beverly Beach in Newport, Oregon. We did a lot of beach walking (one day we did ten miles) and briefly let the dogs off leash. Maddie chased a seagull right into the ocean. I thought we'd lost her when a wave crashed over her head, but she bounced out. After that, there was no more off-leash-on-the-beach dog walking. 

We also walked the dogs on the long nature trail around the campground. We walked the dogs in downtown Newport. We took the dogs to two dog parks. We went to a pet store where Arlo escaped three times as Jim was trying to fit him with a new collar.  

Without the dogs we went to the Rogue Ales Bayfront Public House for a beer. After all of the above, the humans needed  drink.
Jim with the dogs near a Pacific Coast Highway bridge. We walked under the bridge -- which was near our campsite -- to get to the ocean.
Jim, Arlo, and the Pacific Ocean at Beverly Beach.  According to the park visitor's center, there are two theories for the park's name:  1) It was named after the niece of a local property owner; 2) It was  named after the favorite doll of the daughter of another local property owner. 
Arlo, Jim, and Maddie at one of Newport's two dog parks.  
Jim and Arlo in downtown Newport, Oregon, in front of a piece of a pier that floated across the ocean to Newport after Japan's March 2011 tsunami tore it from its moorings.  According to the display, the dock measured 19 feet by 68 feet by 9 feet, weighed 165 tons, and floated 5500 miles before it arrived in Oregon 15 months later. It was cut into manageable pieces and removed except for one part that was returned to Japan, and two parts (including the one above) that remain in Oregon to promote tsunami awareness.
After we left Beverly Beach: Our tow car and our (not pictured) rig in front of it, sandwiched between two semis at a rest stop near Salem.

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