Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We're home

We're home.  In Salt Lake City.  Or, to be specific, in the lovely suburb of Holladay, Utah, just 13 miles (less as the crow flies) from the center of Utah's capital city. We got here April 20, our son's birthday. HBD, Paul!

Starting last November we took a slow drive to Yuma, then Tucson, then California, then through Nevada to home. It was great trip. Other than one November post, however, I could not get motivated to write.

But if I don't write it down, I can't remember it. So I've done a retrospect of our trip, which I'll post beginning tomorrow.

Meanwhile, we're cleaning our house (how can one-left-at-home cat shed so much hair?), unloading/cleaning the motor home, tending to the lawn and flower beds, reconnecting with friends, and doing the stuff you do at home as opposed to when you're on the road. 

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