Sunday, April 30, 2017

Yuma. Then Tucson.

November, 2016 - early March, 2017

From Cattail Cove State Park we drove 125 miles to the Yuma Proving Ground's Desert Breeze Military Campground, where we've spent a few weeks or months for four years. The campground is 25 miles north of downtown Yuma. We got arrived a few days before Thanksgiving. 

After only a week -- and because Bev wanted to spend more time at home for the holidays -- we left our motorhome hooked up to electricity and in our camping spot, and drove back to Salt Lake City in our Honda (our tow car).  

In mid January we headed south again. We spent one night at the Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino in Henderson, NV.  Not a bad hotel and it's right on our route, but the dogs whined or barked every time someone walked by our room, which was often. Not a restful night for us, the dogs, and probably anyone in adjoining rooms. There is a great hike nearby, on an old elevated railway bed -- the Historic Railroad Trail -- which we hiked a few years ago. Didn't do it this time because we were making a beeline for Yuma and the rig.

Then, after just a week in Yuma, we left for Tucson.

With the new dogs, we try to keep our drives in the RV short. Under 150 miles is perfect. With one stop along the way, everyone is happy.

But we just wanted to get to Tucson, which is about 250 miles from Yuma. So we planned a couple of rest stops for us and the dogs, made another stop at a Border Control check point where we were waved through, and arrived at  Agave Gulch RV Park at Davis Monthan Air Force Base. 

We love Tucson. The base is close to town. Tucson has museums, great shopping, lots of breweries, wonderful hiking, is an easy place to drive and is just generally a great place.  

But other than hitting a few brew pubs, this year we didn't take full advantage of what Tucson has to to offer. We did our usual routine of hitting the base gym almost every day. Then we went to dog parks. We took the dogs for walks. We looked for restaurants that allowed dogs on the patio (thank you, Barrio Brewing). 

For three weeks, Bev visited her Mom in Ohio -- where one of the days it was 70 degrees outside. In February. In northern Ohio. Being in the Buckeye State was great for Bev but not so good for Jim who stayed behind in Tucson and took care of both dogs who got sick. 

If you are interested in Tucson, look at any of our January and February posts from 2011 through 2015. It's a great city and we'll be back. With older and better trained dogs. 
We rarely go out to breakfast when on the road. But I'd read some good things about Brownie's, a diner/dive on Yuma's industrial Fourth Avenue that opened in 1946, so we made the trip.  Jim said the restaurant (and street) reminded him of places his family frequented when he was a kid and his family drove to construction sites for his dad's job. I had an omelet; Jim had pancakes. The food was  not as good as Mom's.  But it was decent and inexpensive, and fun to go to a diner that felt like it was in a 1960s time warp.
Christmas Eve in SLC with Ashley, Shad, and their kids -- all wearing our annual semi-matching pajamas.
We had huge snowstorms Christmas Eve night and most of Christmas Day. Here Jim heads toward a ladder to our roof so he can knock the snow of our TV satellite dish.    
Back in Yuma and enjoying warmer weather: Jim with the dogs at a Yuma off leash dog park called the Bark Park. 
The only photo we took while in Tucson this time:  Bev at the Arizona Beer House on Kolb Road.


  1. Enjoyed getting caught up on your travels.

    1. Thanks! Not as exciting as yours (loved your photos) but good just the same. Take care.