Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just the Four of Us

Near Victor, Iowa:   Jim and I are traveling with our dog, Cooper, a Blue Heeler mix.  We also have a fourth traveling companion:  A Philodendron named Phil Junior. 

Phil has been Jim’s sidekick for over 40 years; the two of them have lived in over 14 homes in three states, several time zones and large changes in altitude.  The longest Jim and Phil have lived in any one house was our home in Salt Lake City.  The itch to move is probably one of Jim’s motivators to live in a motor home.
But back to Phil.
Just days before we left Salt Lake City, we were giving Phil a haircut when I tugged on a vine and pulled out the only part actually attached to dirt.  OMG.   We hastily reburied Phil’s apparently minute root system and tasked my daughter and son-in-law with heavily watering said root system until Phil re-established.  We also discovered part of Phil on the floor, plunked that part in an empty spaghetti sauce bottle filled with water, and named him Phil Junior.
Phil Junior travels in the back of the rig near a big window while secured with wire to a beverage holder.  When we park, he moves to the bath room for close access to both a window and a skylight.  My Google research says it takes 5-6 weeks for a Philodendron to establish roots.  We’re waiting.  In the meantime, Ashley and Shad: Keep watering Phil Senior.
Cooper sleeping between the the driver and passenger seats.
Phil on the way to Stuart,  Iowa.

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