Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blinkers, bloopers and brake lights

If an electrical cord is involved, instructions often say something along the lines of “Important!  Do not disconnect by pulling on the cord.  Remove only by grasping the plug!”  Apparently there are reasons for that.  One of them is if you pull the cord that makes your toad brake lights and turn signals sync with your rig lights, you’re likely to rip the whole thing apart and have to spend an extra half day in Chadron, Nebraska. 

The Chadron Home Center in Chadron,  Nebraska.

Not that we don’t like Chadron.  We do.  We spent two nights at Chadron State Park and everyone ... and I do mean everyone ... who passed us in a vehicle when we were walking on the park roads waved at us.  Old folks, teenagers in pick up trucks, young adults with kids.  Everyone.  Chadron is Nebraska’s oldest state park (established in 1921); I wonder if it’s the friendliest one, too.  Plus, they have a great hike to a Black Hills overlook.

View on the way the the Black Hills Overlook.

View at the overlook.

Our camping spot at Chadron State Park in Nebraska.
We also got a chance to really explore the town while looked for a place to repair the result of the afore mentioned no-bodily-injury mishap (this time from unhooking the toad instead of hooking it up) and Chadron State College looks very big considering that Chadron has less than 6,000 residents.  We found a great repair place in the Chadron Home Center and their mechanic, Scott (shout out from Jim and Bev to Scott!) as Scott spent over an hour trying to find out why our sync lights are so screwy.  He kept saying “I don’t know why it’s not working” but kept trying until he figured it out.  
After Chadron, we made our way to the Fishberry Motorhome Park just north of Valentine, NE ( located in the Nebraska Sandhills, the largest tract of grass-stabilized sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere says my AAA book) and just a couple of miles from South  Dakota.   


  1. Hey B&J, what a great travel blog. I will check it daily. There are plenty of comments that are simply screaming to escape my keyboard, but I beleive,your restriction that they be "intelligent" was clearly and rudely directed straight at me. Where the hell is the spellchecker on this thing anyway. Speaking of spelling, the Casper/Caspar story proves my my point. Spelled either way it still identifies the same geographic coordinates. So, obviously, it doesn,t matter. I tried to explain this concept to Mrs. Killer, my third grade teacher, but she just didn't get it. Again thanks for letting us know about the blog we will be anxiously following your adventure.

  2. Also, don't check it every day. That's too much pressure.