Monday, August 8, 2011

You spell tomato...

After two days of being in Casper, Wyoming, I finally understand (I think) that the town and fort (that was there before the town) are both spelled Casper with an “e”, while the museum next to the old fort and  the campground we stayed at are  Caspar with an “a.”  The Army wanted to name the fort after Caspar Collins, a 21-year old lieutenant from an Ohio calvary killed in a battle along with four of his soldiers in 1865,  but had already named “Ft. Collins” in honor of Caspar's father.  So the army went with the young man’s first name ... and a paperwork snafu changed the “a” to an “e” and Ft. Casper was born.  Ditto the city.  The museum corrected the mistake -- and apparently the RV park, which is right next to the museum, followed suit.  Adding insult to injury, a portrait of young Lt. Collins in the museum was based on a misidentified photo.
View on the Platte River Parkway in Casper, WY.

View out the back of our rig ... not the usual scenic beauty we like,  but it was clean, quiet,  and had a laundry.

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