Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Holbrook, AZ

We got to Holbrook, AZ, right after the big wind then rain storm, and Holbrook was one muddy place.  The thought of walking Cooper at our campground and then bringing him into the rig was not appealing.  Jim had seen an ad that said “Off Leash Dog Park, West Hopi Drive.” So we drove around, found the dog park and it's beautiful.  It may be, however, one the nicest places in Holbrook, a little town on old Route 66 that was hurt when the interstate went in.      

Two other things we noticed about Holbrook besides its great, grassy dog park:

--The Wigwam Motel.  Once a chain of six, only three remain and one is in Holbrook.  It's an actual motel where the rooms are separate tipis (not wigwams, which are dome shaped.  But I read that the person who built them liked the word wigwam better than tipi)The motel was sold and then closed after I-40 went through, but the owner's children bought it back and reopened it in 1988.

--There is a street named “Bucket of Blood.”  It’s named after a now-closed saloon where a poker game went bad, two men were killed, and the floor looked like... well, you get the picture. We, however, did not get a picture because we kept driving by the street without seeing the sign.

Holbrook's Wigwam Motel has classic cars parked in front of each tipi.  The motel is on the National Register of Historic Places.
Cooper and a friend at the dog park. The brown "dog" almost looks real, but is made out of metal.


  1. Wigwam Hotel is just perfect. Certainly deserves a checkmark on your search for the "World's Largest Ball of Twine" list. (The actual World's Largest Ball of Twine, though there are many pretenders, resides in Cawker City KS., (at least for my money), certainly a sight not to be missed.)

  2. Carl, the wigwams would be a perfect stop for you and the grandkids on your Route 66 tours. Or take Sandy there (but I don't think it includes a spa.)