Friday, April 19, 2013

Beauty and the asphalt

Yesterday we did three short hikes near Page, Arizona.  The first one was at Horseshoe Bend, just south of Page, and was actually recommended to us by a gas station attendant at the Grand Canyon.  Then we walked to Glen Canyon's beach area and a place called "Hanging Gardens," both just north of the Glen Canyon Dam.  

This morning we left Glen Canyon and drove 70 miles to Kanab, Utah.  Kanab is a pretty  town, but it's in a mess right now because its main street is being resurfaced and there are lane restrictions and closed roads everywhere. We couldn't even get through the orange cones to the private RV park we wanted to stay at until we found a grocery store parking lot, unhooked our tow car, drove back and figured it out.  

After getting the rig settled in, we drove to the Coral Sand Dunes State Park and then to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. On the way, we saw the resurfacing crew at work on the north end of town.  We figured they wouldn't get anywhere near the south end of Kanab and our motor home park today.  So it shouldn't be hard to guess where the asphalt crew was when we came back:  right in front of the motor home park.  I mean exactly in front of it.  A woman on the crew told us to park across the street in a dirt field, walk over the asphalt and then get our car after a couple of hours. We ended up not walking on the asphalt because it was too hot, but we did get both us, Cooper, and eventually the car back to the rig. Now we just have to get out of here tomorrow.
Wednesday's evening view of Lake Powell from our
motor home. 
Me and my shadow taking a photo on our hike to Horseshoe
Bend, where there is a 270 degree bend in the Colorado
Jim peaking over the cliff at Horseshoe Bend.
Jim and Cooper looking into the Colorado River at 
Horseshoe Bend.

This is the beach at Lake Powell.  The white area on the
 rock  is the "bath tub" ring left by receding water.  And
the little white speck near the left of the photo in the water
is a speed boat.
Bev and Cooper at the Hanging Gardens, the destination
of our last hike of the day.  We walked through sand and
slick rock to a depression in the north side of a cliff -- and
found ferns and a 20-degree drop in the temperature.
Part of an interesting street in Page, AZ: 8th Avenue or
"Street of Little Motels" that's filled with small motels
like this one.  Part of another street is known to the
locals as "Church Street" because there are 12 churches
pretty much all in a row.
The scenery from Page AZ to Kanab, Utah, was beautiful,
with cliffs in shades of red, russet and cream.
We took a short hike on a nature trail at the Coral Dunes
State Park, northwest of Kanab.
We met these volunteers at Best Friends Animal
Sanctuary near Kanab.  Best Friends is a no-kill
animal shelter with the goal of "no more homeless
pets."  The horse on the left is 30 years old and we
were told he's been at the shelter 27 years.  On
the right is a 13-year-old Shetland pony.  The
pony has thick, wiry hair, which the volunteer
told us is caused by Cushing's Disease.
The blocked-off entrance to our RV park in Kanab,
complete with  very fresh asphalt in front of it

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