Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Grand Canyon's Bright Angel Trail

Bright Angel Trail is the most-used trail at the Grand Canyon.  It’s a 9.3 mile hike from the canyon rim to the campground at the Colorado River. It’s also the trail where mules carry tourists down the trail.  

Jim would like to do the entire hike sometime, but today we just did three miles total down and back.  It took us one hour to do the 1.5 mile trip down the trial (including time for Bev to stop and take photos) and an hour to do the 1.5 mile trip back up (with time for Bev to stop and breathe.)  From the rim to where we turned around, there was 1200 foot difference in elevation.  
Jim near the beginning of Bright Angle Trail. There were a lot of other  tourists on the trail; we guesstimate about half of them spoke German or Dutch.

Bev near the beginning of Bright Angel Trail.
Jim a little later after we'd shed our sweatshirts. We saw an 
adult and two kids running pell-mell down the trail, which 
seemed a tad dangerous.
Bev where we stopped for a cheese, granola bars and a banana on the way back down.
Jim takes a detour from the well-maintained trail.

After the Bright Angel hike, we walked another two miles along the rim of the canyon. My knees still hurt.

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