Monday, May 27, 2013

Plus it's the violation of it all

Last night someone came down our short, dead-end street and went through unlocked cars.  (Note:  I almost always lock the car.  My trusting husband never does, but says he will from now on.) We had three cars in our driveway -- all unlocked.  Each glove box was opened and belongings moved around, but I don't think anything was taken.  Not the binoculars in our Honda CRV, not the tool box in our Scion, not the fairly pricey car seats in Ashley and Shad's Prius.

When going through a neighbor's cars the thieves hit the jackpot, however:  Keys in the ignition. So they stole a new Subaru and left a beat-up pick-up truck (also stolen) on the street.

We live in a treesy neighborhood in Holladay, Utah, ten miles southeast of downtown Salt Lake City.  It's a nice town --- really it is.  But over the years, we've had what seems to be an excessive number of car ransackings and car break ins on our street of nine homes. On four separate occasions the neighbors directly across the street had car windows smashed and back packs or briefcases stolen.  A purse was taken from a car trunk at the home next to them.  Another set of neighbors had a cell phone stolen from a car; when the thieves rummaged through other cars, they left the cell phone in a different neighbor's car. The neighbors who had their car stolen last night previously had someone smash a car window and steal a purse. About 12 years ago, someone stole a gym bag from my car.

The good news is that our motor home -- which is usually in a storage lot when we're home but was on our street for the long weekend -- was locked and untouched. Tonight, all three of our cars are locked. And we're all reminded never to leave purses, backpacks or anything else that looks valuable is inside our cars.  

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