Friday, May 31, 2013

My left leg

When I called to find out what time my surgery was scheduled, the nurse said I must be really healthy.  According to Nurse Penny, the more medications you normally take and the more prior health problems you've had, the earlier in the day outpatient surgery is scheduled.  Mine was scheduled for 3 p.m. yesterday and it went fine.

Part of the paperwork I filled out prior to surgery included a question along the lines of "Do you abuse any substances?"  Jim suggested I write down "frogurt."

Anyway, I'm home, my leg is elevated and on ice, and already off the Lortab. 
The hose and pad part of a device that's icing my knee.  The hose in front is connected to something that looks exactly like a picnic ice chest. 


  1. Get well soon, Bev. So is Jim storing the IPA in your knee-cooling-machine? It would only seem fair since I doubt that he can send you out to the kitchen for his beer.

  2. That's so funny. He did ask the person who explained the machine to us if he could store beer in it. The answer is yes, but for best results (for me) the beer should be frozen ... and we all know the mess a frozen beer bottle creates.