Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Travel plan adjustment

Today we were to leave on our next RV adventure: a trip east and a month's stay with my Mom in Ohio, then north through Michigan, into Ontario, and back west via Canada.

That's still the itinerary. But the departure day is delayed because I'm having knee surgery Thursday. Just the arthroscopic kind, where they make a small slice on each side of the knee, look around with a camera and fix stuff with a laser.

What I need fixed is the c-shaped cartilage called the meniscus.  

I've had some minor trouble with my knee, but nothing that kept me from hiking.  Then I went to a yoga class with my exercise-machine daughter, Ashley.  I was on my hands and knees in a pose when it seemed like part of my knee moved.  It hurt.

Last week I walked two miles with Ashley and my grandchildren.  But my knee is unstable and stiff, and two mile walks would probable be infrequent.  The doc says if I want to be active later this summer, he'd recommend surgery. 

So we're going to hang out in SLC a while longer.  But I'm going to keep posting.
Jim and the rig at the storage lot this morning, rather than on the road.


  1. Had a torn meniscus repaired a couple years ago. Easy stuff. They gave me the Michael Jackson drug to knock me out. Loved it. And as a side-benefit, I can now moon-walk.

  2. Thanks for the pep talk. You could always moonwalk, though.