Wednesday, August 7, 2013

23 paces from Lake Superior in Munising, Michigan

It rained like crazy last night -- maybe the hardest we’ve experienced in the RV.  It rained so hard that a few drops bounced on in through our roof vents, which are covered in a way that just about nothing except air can make it through those contraptions.   

When there was a break in the rain we hooked up the tow car, made a stop at the dump site (or sanitation station as they call them around here) and took off for Munising, Michigan about 100 miles west of Tahquamenon State Park.  It was like a drive through a forest.  Actually, it was a drive through the forest, as most of the time we were in Lake Superior State Forest or Hiawatha National Forest.  For the first time in several days we saw semi trucks -- just two.  Traffic in this part of the UP is pretty low key.

It was foggy, rainy, cold and felt like November when we got to the Munising Tourist Park Campground. But our camp site is gorgeous.  The back of our rig is 23 paces (I counted) from Lake Superior.  This would be a great place to kayak, but because of the weather it was not to be this afternoon.  So instead of getting our boats in the water, we found a laundromat in Munising, did our laundry, and then stocked up on groceries -- which needed to be done.  By the time our chores were finished the sun came out.  And now our campsite is even more beautiful.

This area is known for water falls (a brochure we got at the campground office lists 14), Grand Island National Recreation Area (a 35 mile by 8 mile wooded island off shore from Munising and reachable by boat or ferry), and Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (42 miles of scenic shoreline that includes sandstone cliffs and archways).

But we are not going to see any of those. Crazy, I know, but we are on a bit of a schedule, there is way too much to see in the Upper Peninsula in the time we have, and this beautiful spot will be a one-night stay for us.  Jim’s already making plans for a return trip.
Cooper keeping on eye on his Alpha Dog/Guy when we stopped for gasoline just before Munising ($3.73 a gallon).
The back of our rig with Lake Superior behind it.  That's Grand Island in the distance to the right. I used a wide angle lens to take this photo, so like your car's passenger side mirror says "objects are closer than they appear." (Note to self:  this is campsite # 75.)
When we got here Lake Superior was very choppy and some pretty good waves were hitting the beach behind our rig.  It's calmer now but we will definitely be able to hear the water tonight.
Jim and the view from our rig's back windows.  Later in the evening we watched the sunset and can now see a lighthouse beacon flashing.   

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