Saturday, August 10, 2013

Choppy Lake Superior

The weather forecast for today said sunny with light winds, so we took off early for a second try at kayaking on Lake Superior.  Instead of the Copper Harbor Marina, Jim wanted to get in the water at a Michigan Road Side Park about ten miles south.

So we did just that.  After about 30 minutes I told Jim I was heading back.  Water wasn’t coming over the side of the boat and into the cockpit, but we were bobbing like corks. Jim said that I was doing fine, that he knew I could do it, that he wouldn't take me anywhere that wasn't safe.  However, wind picks up as the day goes on, and I had already passed my comfort level. And we were in freaking Lake Superior!

Jim graciously went to shore with me and helped me out of my boat.  Then I waited while he headed straight out from the shore for some rocks.  I didn’t have to wait long; by now Jim thought the water was rough, too. So Lake Superior, we’ve got to find you on a calm day.  There have to be some of those.

Next we tried Lake Fanny Hooe, a big lake on the south side of our campground. It looked like glass and it felt like paddling through .... well, it felt like paddling through water.  Water that is just sitting there instead of acting like it's inside a washing machine.  Then the wind picked up and light waves started rolling through the lake, but it was still easy and fun. This paddle took us by a rustic resort,  a stream that connects Lake Fanny Hooe with Lake Superior (we hiked near the stream earlier and had seen two small waterfalls, so it was a no go when it came to kayaking through), and the restored buildings of old Fort Wilkins.  Plus a flock of geese noisily landed right next to us. Later, the same gaggle flew right by Jim;  the closest  was just 20 feet away. 
After lunch, we drove the couple of miles to the town of Copper Harbor, walked up and down main street, looked in several of the gift shops, then stopped at the Brickhouse Brewery and tried their sampler.  And now we’re tired.

We still don't have a good enough Internet connection for photos. Maybe we will soon, as tomorrow we’re on our way to Wisconsin.  Not exactly sure where we'll stop, but we have a couple of places in mind.  

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