Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 28 storm at Glacier National Park and a drive to Libby, MT

We didn't realize until this morning how many nearby trees toppled in yesterday's storm at Glacier National Park.  Two empty campsites near us had big downed trees. At another site a fifth wheel had a tarp on its roof and big branches next to the rig, so we assumed they took a direct hit. I'm sure there was more damage in the park, but we also heard no one was hurt.  

Despite that crazy storm, we love Glacier. It has so many opportunities for hiking and kayaking and is amazingly beautiful. This trip had to be short, however, so we want to go back and spend at least a week. Or longer.   (Note to self:  Campsite 17 in Loop A of Fish Creek worked out great.)

This morning we had breakfast at a restaurant near the visitors center called Eddies and then drove 125 miles west to Libby, Montana.  Don't have any real plans for Libby yet. At the very least those plans will include buying some groceries because we're now eating Kraft mac and cheese (although Jim loved it).
This is a Glacier National Park campsite just two spaces away from our rig (which you can see in the background). Luckily it was empty when the storm hit and the tree fell. 
And behind these downed trees is the restroom at Glacier's Fish Creek Campground where we stayed.
The drive on US-2 from Glacier National Park to Libby, Montana was beautiful. We saw a sign on the highway that said US-2 was open 12 miles east of Libby -- which indicated to us that not all that long ago it was closed.  As we approached Libby there were  gravel detours and a lot of construction.  I later read a story on a local TV station web site that called the construction a "massive road moving project" that included  "stream relocation." But at least it was open.
More pretty scenery on US 2, which we've been on since we left Michigan.
And now we're at Woodland RV Park in Libby, Montana.  The trees here are huge and there's a small creek right behind our campsite; it almost looks more like a state park than a private RV park.  It costs more than we like to pay -- $35 a night including taxes -- plus the showers are 50 cents, which seems like a niggling charge.  However, the price includes fast wifi and cable TV.  

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