Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Camping at the US Coast Guard Training Center, Petaluma, CA

Yesterday we drove by the ocean, redwood trees, wineries, and pottery stores.  We drove on curvy roads, over hills, in the rain, and past gasoline stations charging $4.69 a gallon. The route was California Highway 1 to California 128 to US 101 to the Fam Camp at the US Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma, California.

Many military bases have campgrounds that both active duty and retired military can use. Jim is retired from the Navy Reserves and we've stayed at nine military campgrounds in six states.  This is both the smallest military facility and the smallest Fam Camp (only six sites) we've stayed at. Despite its size, it's the west coast's largest coast guard training facility and the place where coast guard support folks such as cooks, medics and electronic technicians learn to do their jobs.  It's also home to the Coast Guard's Chief Petty Officer Academy.  According to Wikipedia, about 4,000 people train here each year.

As a side note, my older brother called me today and told me to "tell Jim that his beloved Oregon sucks."  Bob and my SIL Suzie have been in Oregon with all the crazy rain (crazy even by Pacific Northwest standards) that's been happening since last week.  Bob said Oregon's had more rain in September than any September since they started keeping track.  He added that even though Oregon sucks, he and Suzie still had fun. 
On the way to Petaluma: When a sign advises you to go 15 mph,  there's probably a switchback ahead.  And there was. This was on California 128-- home to the beautiful Anderson Valley with wineries, the trendy town of Boonville, and the Anderson Valley Brewing Company which sadly (especially for Jim) we did not visit.
My one Coast Guard Training Center photo, other than the camp sites.
Our campsite pad is big -- about 30 feet by 90 feet and a spot cost us $20 a night. We met another Lazy Daze couple here,  Holly and Harold, who were just 7 days into their inaugural trip in their 1989 new-to-them rig. 
A view from the Fam Camp. The area is very pastoral and very quiet, other than the cow I hear mooing as I write. 
This afternoon we drove to downtown Petaluma and had lunch at Dempsey's Restaurant and Brewery adjacent to the Petaluma River.  I had my go-to meal (humus and pita bread) and Jim had chicken tacos.  And of course his beer was an IPA and mine was a stout.


  1. I guess it's a good time to be heading home to SLC what with the shut down. I haven't heard of any Congress members giving up their paychecks.

  2. What's with this text box. I already posted.

  3. Sometimes I think Blogger just does it's own thing.

  4. How do you put the old style frames with captions on your pictures? I've been experimenting trying to duplicate it and I can't. In Live Writer I can put the frame around but no caption. In the Blogger editor, I can put a caption but no frame. I like the effect. And I'm enjoying your blog.

  5. Mary Lou, I'm not much help. I chose our design (it's one of the ones Blogger offers called "watermark" and that's just how the photos and captions turned out. I'm not much of a designer, but want to learn more about it. Glad you enjoy the blog. I have fun writing it. We'll be taking off on our next trip about November 1.